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How to Negotiate in Real Estate in 2023

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Negotiate in Real Estate

In today's real estate market of 2023, Matt Westkott has some slightly different ideas about how to negotiate.


In real estate today, everybody gets this idea that they need to rush to put in this great offer and submit it and try to beat everybody out, and they fail to do some of the most basic things that we used to do decades ago. This was the old school way of actually talking with the other realtor and saying, "Hey, I have a buyer. I want to bring you an offer. Let's talk for a few minutes and figure out how we can put together the best offer."


Of course that might seem like it takes all this extra time. It's faster-paced now. But, oh my gosh, how successful it is in today's market when things are so fast to slow down to try to figure out how to put together the best deal.


In this video, Matt gives two examples of how taking the time for communication can be the most important aspect of making a deal that's a win for both buyer and seller.


Are you interested in learning more about buying or selling property in Sheridan, Wyoming and not already working with an agent? Reach out to Team Westkott at Concept Z - Home and Property.

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