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What Are Hot Sheets?

Stock image of kitchen from article What Are Hot Sheets in Real Estate

Hot Sheets Explained by a Real Estate Agent

House hunting in this real estate market just sucks. A new house hits the market and right off the bat it seems like there's a whole bunch of people fighting over it.


So what is a "hot sheet"? It's simple. "Hot sheet" is real estate slang for the email that realtors get when a new listing hits the market.


The problem is that by the time the real estate agent can connect a potential buyer with the property on the hot sheet, the buyer might already be behind the curve, with offers coming in on the new listing.


So here's the solution: your real estate agent can set it up so that when your agent gets a hot sheet with a new listing, so do you.

If you want to learn more about buying and selling in Sheridan, Wyoming, and aren't already working with an agent, reach out to Team Westkott for a free consultation--and ask about getting insider hot sheet emails in real time!

Stock image of kitchen from article Hot Sheets Explained by Realtor
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