How to get the JUMP on New Listings

How to get the JUMP on New Listings

New Mobile touchHow to get the JUMP on New Listings

The secret is out!  Don’t tell too many people because if you do you’ll miss out on the new-good-real-estate-listings for yourself.  AKA – pissing in your own pot!  It’s simple: quit your job & become a full time real estate agent.  That’s right.  Spend 50+ hours per week previewing, searching, hunting, living & breathing real estate so when the perfect property comes on the market – SNAP – it is yours!  You’ll also need to get super busy.  As an Agent, if you’re not going 120 miles per hour in real estate you’re not totaling “in the know.”  Maybe you’ll become a part time real estate agent?  Maybe work 20 hours per week previewing some of the cool places??  Forget it!  You WILL miss the good new listings when they come out.  You see, in real estate 2nd place sucks!  Second place means you don’t get the deal.  Second place means that you’re not moving fast enough or you’re just working part time. You have to realize that if you are looking online twice a day every day for 20 minutes and looking at a few open houses per week then you’re just a part-timer.  So quit your job, say good bye to your friends & family and become a top real estate agent …..just to find your perfect home!?

Or, you could hire a Buyer Specialist. 

A licensed real estate agent who focuses on preparing, coaching, hunting and negotiating deals for buyers is going to do a better job getting the jump on the new listings for you.  This real estate agent is called a Buyer Specialist.  They are not juggling the work of listings (advertising, brochures, open houses, etc.) and so they can focus on YOU!  They are already in the know, working 50+ hours per week, hunting, living & breathing real estate.  Find a Buyer Specialist that has experience & you feel comfortable with and you won’t have to quit your day job.  Pick 3 or 4 houses you’d like to see and schedule an appointment with a Buyer Specialist (Agent).  Even if none of the properties are perfect, it’ll give the agent a feel for what you’re looking for.  Also, get on a “Daily New Listing” email list with ALL the new listings from the MLS.  This will get you information faster.  NOTE: you should already have a “PreQual” from your lender (see Best Negotiating Trick – realBLOG).  Then when your Buyer Specialist emails you a good one – JUMP!  Most agents respond quickly to text messages.  Let them know you’re ready & go!!!  1st place is a nice!  Stop being a part-timer!  Get the jump on new listings!!

To learn more about Buyer Specialist – click here.


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