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Discover how to buy and sell real estate from a pro!  His irregular explanations to looking at real estate gives insight to each real estate topic. To learn more about Matt Westkott or the Westkott Real Estate Team go to: www.westkott.com/team

How to get the JUMP on New Listings

How to get the JUMP on New ListingsThe secret is out!  Don’t tell too many people because if you do you’ll miss out on the new-good-real-estate-listings for yourself.  AKA –[…]

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Real Estate Investing – Cash Flow

Real Estate Investing with cash flow – I love this stuff!  This is the magical goose that lays the golden eggs.  It’s not just a fable.  It’s a real thing[…]

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Real Estate Investing – Guts & Time

Real Estate Investing requires more than just money – it takes guts (#1) & time (#2)! #1 – It takes guts!  There is risk with any kind of investment.  You can loose[…]

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Why Real Estate Agents

Why a Real Estate Agent? Real estate agents are not needed for every deal.  In fact, some states require real estate attorneys for every real estate transaction but it’s not[…]

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Price Matters

Price Matters when buying or selling real estate.  It’s a big deal!  It’s important to get it right and important to be a part of the valuation process.  It can[…]

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Home Staging Test

Home Staging Test when you’re REALLY ready to get your house ready for sale.  The difference between a staged house and a messy house is huge.  It can mean more[…]

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Real Estate Commission

Real Estate Commission is on the table!  That’s right.  Let’s open up the discussion!  What is the real estate commission?  How much should you pay?  What the hell are you[…]

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Best Negotiating Trick

Best Negotiating Trick for buying real estate is still “all about the basics.”  So often I hear clients or agents trying to screw over the other guy by discovering motives[…]

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