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Part of every dollar earned is directly put towards our TEAM community fund and CONCEPT Z – Home & Property Community fund!  When the funds are ready, the entire team, agents and staff are randomly picked to decide how funds are given.  So, we all make a difference!!!

TEAM Giving – to see other examples of community contributions made by Team Westkott.
Kindness Campaign

Sheridan High School brings awarness towards suicide pervention by creating shirts emphasizing the need to be kind to everyone.

Rooted in Wyoming

Rooted in Wyoming is a dedicated partner in building and nurturing school and community gardens.

Joey’s Flyfishing Foundation

Helping youth keep casting for a better future!

Keep it up Joey!

We work @ the best real estate company in Sheridan, Wyoming!

Zack Cummins (Owner/Broker) created an amazing company that helps create a mindset that truly inspires us to work harder for our friends, clients, family and community.  His “Go-Giver” mission is why we are proud to call him: Boss, Managing Broker, mentor, friend and most importantly just a really good guy! He really is the “Z” in our organization: CONCEPT Z – Home & Property.

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