Home Staging Test

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Home Staging Test


Home Staging Test when you’re REALLY ready to get your house ready for sale.  The difference between a staged house and a messy house is huge.  It can mean more money and less time to get your property sold.  The best paradigm for preparing the house is “show time.”  A staged house is ready for the “show” and is not a practical place to live.  I love coffee and we have a coffee maker on the counter.  For example, we also have coffee on top of the refrigerator ready to use…which is practical….but it’s NOT staged.  We have big Sunday dinners at our home that are so much fun (big family) and we have a bunch of chairs in the dining room.  Everyone needs a place to sit, right?  Wrong!  If you want to be successful (which means your house actually sells) then get excited about staging.  Make a game out of it.  Do the home staging test and take a photo of your main rooms: kitchen, living room, master bedroom and other room that are important to the value of the house.  I call these  rooms the million dollar shots or the good photographs that can make your house look like a million bucks.  Take some photos.  Look at them and then improve, de-clutter, reduce and clean.  Take another photo and then improve, reduce, move furniture, remove furniture and clean some more.  This works!  If you stay focused on selling (or making more money) and stop worrying about being comfortable or practical it’ll work.  Try it.  Take a photo of your house.  Is it staged?  Are you ready?


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