TEAM Westkott

It’s a TEAM effort!

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi , “Many hands make light work” – John Heywood

Ian Knutson

SUPER Analyst

There isn’t anyone smahta than this guy with contracts, listings, high-tech & the “unsolvable.”

Becky Sanders

STAR Player

When there’s 5 seconds left on the clock and you need to make the point – she’ll help you win!

Heather Westkott

Marketing MOM

We all know that behind a happy family is an amazing soccer Mom that can do anything.

Matt Westkott

TEAM Leader

Motivating & educating people to do just a little more…..

TEAM details….that work.

Exceptional individuals but together we are truly a unbeatable TEAM!

Matt Westkott – REALTOR/Associate Broker
Listing Agent / Certified Residential Specialist

Matt offers many personal stories of real estate success & “learning opportunities” from the past.  These experiences have helped Matt develop marketing systems, tools & the constantly improving real estate team which is focused on one thing: the customer’s goals.


Since 2002, he’s earned an Associate Brokers license, Certified Residential Specialist designation, attended countless seminars, intensive leadership & real estate classes and recieved various awards: Beyond Excellence®, National Franchise awards, 1st in Service/Jim Jackson Memorial Award, etc. He has owned and managed several businesses, including car rental and sales franchise, fitness center, retail store and he was the Advertising Director at the Sheridan Press. 


Listing agent & marketing (“launching”), real estate consulting (any subject), negotiating, investment coaching, team systems & community volunteer.


Anything in the Bighorn Mountains (backbacking, fishing, camping, bow hunting), events in Downtown Sheridan, flirting with his wife (Heather) and playing with his 5 kids!

CONTACT (307) 751-1583


When its time… make a move.

Buying a new home is a process.  Let me help you through it as a winner!

Becky Sanders –  REALTOR / Sales Associate 
Buyer Specialist / Marketing Specialist

Buying a new home is a process: planning financial capabilities, learning the real estate market, exploring options, finding something you’re excited about, negotiating, inspecting, inspecting it again,  double checking everything one last time…… and then close with confidence!  ENJOY LIFE!!


Earned her Sales Associate License in 2014 after working for Pearl Energy Corp. Also worked with Matt previously as an Assistant Manager of the Advertising & Marketing Department at the Sheridan Press Newspaper. With her innate drive, understanding of marketing & design, personal strength, indominable spirit and the uncanny knowledge of local gossip and ALL things about homes in Sheridan – she makes the Westkott Real Estate Team look good!


Buyer Specialist, Buying & Relocating Specialist, Negotiator, Team Marketing Director and Social Media coordinator.


Her superpower is how much she does for her family. Also, she is a collector of all things her kids make!   Becky’s love of the Sheridan community and those who live in it runs deep. Driven by goals and achieving them – especially yours of finding the absolutey perfect dream home for someone.


becky@westkott    (307) 763-3500


Plan……. to make MORE!

Proactively researching, planning and preparing can produce BIG results in real estate.

Ian Knutson – REALTOR / Sales Associate
Listing Manager / Real Estate Analyst

Born and raised in Sheridan, Ian loves to investigate the details of a property, situation & transaction and then utilizing all of our resources to help our clients net more money– it’s what he’s good at! 


He has a degree from the University of Minnesota and he’s smarter than any iPhone! Seriously! He has an uncanny aptitude for the technologies, systems & contracts of the real estate industry, which has made him a permanent part of the Team.  Also, worked at countless companies in town, managed retail stores and counted trees for the US Forest Service.


Listing Manager, Real Estate Analysist & Consultant, Contract Manager, Commercial Specialist and really just… the Brains of the bunch (AKA – Mister Incredible).


Loves mountains, trees, brewing beer and is inspired by the pursuit of knowledge which lead him to earning enough credits in college for two bachelor degrees.  Married to his best friend Angie and has EXTREMELY smart son named Sawyer – remember Ian loves trees! 


ian@westkott    (307) 760-5157


Get online….with marketing.

With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

Heather Westkott
Marketing Expert / Online Specialist

Heather helps the world stay connected with real estate marketing. She is constantly watching over the online real estate world and “spurring” the activity in our favor. She also coordinates the marketing updates to provide ongoing consistent communication with clients. The Internet Data Exchange or IDX in the real estate industry is always changing & Heather’s position is to constantly make adjustments or “tweaks” to our advantage. Truly unbeatable internet real estate marketing!


Worked previously as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and eventually teamed up with Matt in 2007.  Graduated from the G.I.A. in San Deigo, CA as a Certified Gemologist, worked as Assistant Managers for Retails stores and has always had an eye for marketing & advertising.  She also believes the three most important elements of business is: “service, service & service.”


Online Marketing Specialist, National Real Estate Website Specialist, Graphics Designer and EXTREMELY Friendly!


Stocking her husband and helping him not make a fool of himself, helping her family at the 5 Diamond Ranch, gathering eggs from her chickens and cooking for her 5 kiddos!

CONTACT   (307) 751-1583


How to use a TEAM……. to your advantage

To make the most of your experience & to make sure we are on a successful path, please follow these steps.



START with a free consultation (phone or in person) to discuss the best options for you. Stroll down & Click “Schedule a FREE Session.”



A specialized plan designed help you acheive your real estate goals with most return on your investment & with the least amount of stress.



For your specific needs, we’ll match up the perfect Team of REALTORS to help you accomplish your goals!

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Why a real estate TEAM?

We believe the most important decisions in your life should not be up to one individual agent but rather the cooperative experience & performance of a specialized TEAM of agents! 
Includes: buying specialist, listing specialist, real estate analysist, online marketing specialist, investment & commercial specialist, new construction…from closing coordinator to professional photographer – use people that strive to master their specific craft.